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It's Finally Here !! - David launches new single GONE

When music, poetry and emotions meet at a point in our life, chances are that something good comes out of it. True, they do not always coincide the three at the same time. When lyricist Mark Bugeja decided to put pen to paper and scribbled those verses, he was inspired by real life experiences and feelings of pain, anger, but also love. 

Little did he know that some years down the line, his fellow friend David, while doing some late night experiments on the guitar would come up with a riff, chords and melody which were a perfect fit to his rhyme. Gone is a powerful rock ballad that transmits emotions felt by the writer and the musician. It speaks about love and when your loved one leaves you just when you least expect it. Feelings we all experience somewhere in our lives.

Gone is a song composed by David Cauchi, lyrics written by Mark Bugeja. 

Arranged, recorded, produced and mastered by Kurt Aquilina

Now Available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify

X - Factor Spain Audition

On 25th November 2017, David participated in auditions for X-Factor in Spain, after previously undergoing a selection process. This was a remarkable experience!! 

The auditions were held in Madrid and saw thousands of singers/ musicians participating, all with their unique voices, dreams, expectations, family support, and as time went by, anxiety!! The audition itself lasted few seconds.

Lessons learned - "It may take a lifetime for a moment of truth" 





David participated in this year's Birgufest with 5/6 Band and DBANNED. 

The event was once more a success, attended by thousands of locals and foreigners. 

  David performed with DBanned at the International Food Festival - Mdina, June 2017.

DBANNED performed in the Gozo Edition of the Int. Food Festival

WeddinSeason Summer 2017