David Cauchi


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And Finally it's here - I'm Gonna Be Your Lover

I'm Gonna Be Your Lover is David's debut release.

This reggae tune with shades of jazz, tells us a story about a man's desire for his dream woman.

The song was authored and composed by David Cauchi, produced and mastered by Joshua Bray.

The Music Video was produced by Imitosis under the direction of Giovan Baldacchino and the production team headed by Francesca Mercieca.

A project sponsored by Budweiser and Talbot & Bons.


Recently, the song has been selected to participate in a songwriting competition in Nashville (U.S.).  

Song is available on Amazon, iTunes and Spotify

Song reviews on Tunecore

Rating: 8 - I really like it. It's kind of funky and has a jazz vibe to it. It's most likely reggae. It's nice and groovy. It makes you want to dance and have fun. Also it has very nice lyrics that are catchy. The vocalist has a great voice. Very chill sounding.

Rating: 7 - I really enjoyed the musicianship in this song. It was refreshing to hear instruments and on top of that the people playing them really have some talent. The singer has a pretty strong voice that suited this genre well. He emoted well in the song and I found myself rooting for him to win over his true love. The great piano work was the cherry on top of this very good song.

Rating: 10 - The intro is very catchy and lead into the song naturally. The voice is warm, like the one who had the old school singers, and it's easy to listen and express emotions very well. Lyrics are a little predictable, and that’s good right now. The instrumental is powerful, PURE GOLD. The song was memorable, and I want to hear it again.

Rating: 7- The beginning sounded old school and awesome. I love the beat, and the vocals match the instruments very well. I enjoyed the piano coming in and soothing the overall sound. The guitar is also a great hit following the piano. Very nice jazzy song and enjoyed listening to.

Rating: 8 - The instrumental of the song is great it makes me feel relaxed I always would day dreaming while listening to this song. The guy's voice is incredible and I love his feel for music.

Rating: 7 - I like how more instruments are added as the song progresses. The vocals are very good, and the song is super catchy. I can picture myself listening to this song on vacation at the beach! I really like the instrumental break in the middle with the piano and guitar.

Rating: 8 - I love the funky, old school vibe to the beat on this track, it gets you bouncing along as you listen. It's different to the usual pop or rap music that's in the charts. It almost has a blues type quality to it and it's quite fun. I like the use of real instruments for the backing track, they compliment the soulful, raw tone of voice for the vocals.

Rating: 8 - I quite like the tune. The singer has an almost jazz like voice and it’s great. His voice is very smoothing and unique. I love the piano solo a lot it adds a lot to the song and the combination of all the different instruments and the voice is great and this is a great song overall.

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